Divorce in Thailand

Updated on Wednesday 12th October 2016

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The divorce in Thailand means a mutual consent of both spouses, in order to dissolve the marriage, according to the Civil Code in the country. If you find yourself in this situation and you need to divorce in a fast manner, then you should solicit help and assistance from our lawyers in Thailand.

What is a divorce by mutual consent in Thailand?

A mutually consented divorce in Thailand implies an agreement between the spouses regarding the custody of children, alimony, and certain assets. If both spouses will decide on the terms of the divorce, the procedure will be quite simple and less expensive. It is good to know that you can solicit help from our Thai lawyer, in order to settle the arrangement regarding the child custody and division of marital belongings. When requesting the divorce, the partakers are not obliged to meet in the same location where the marriage took place, but it is necessary for both to be present when filling for a mutual consent divorce.

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What is a divorce by court judgment in Thailand?

In case the spouses do not agree on the divorce terms, they can file a petition before the Amphur office in Thailand, the administrative or the district court that deals with such issues. The contested divorce will be then managed by the Judgment Court in Thailand, and in this case, you will need representation from our lawyer in Thailand. This procedure usually takes more time, and the magistrate will take into consideration the arguments for a contested divorce in Thailand, such as: 

•    if the spouse committed adultery;
•    if the spouse caused severe injury to the body or mind;
•    if one spouse has failed to offer suitable care and support to the other
•    if one spouse has been declared missing from home for a long period of time;
•    if one spouse has been unreasonable or has suffered from a mental illness without being cured, a reason strong enough to dissolve a marriage.

If you want to file for divorce, you can contact our law firm in Thailand, in order to receive guidance and legal assistance.