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Updated on Monday 04th December 2017

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There are many reasons for which people from all over the world decide to relocate to Thailand. Depending on the country of origin the procedure and requirements for relocation might differ in great measure. With a very international population, Thailand accommodates yearly an increasing number of foreigners who decide to move in this country. Our attorneys in Thailand can offer you legal assistance in the preparation of your application for Thai visa and residence permit.

Who needs a Visa for Thailand?

Thanks to the existing bilateral agreements signed between Thailand and other countries, citizens from 55 states, including most of the European countries, do not need a visa in order to enter the Thai territory. However these provisions apply for temporary stays for no longer than 30 days, and for people whose main purpose in coming to Thailand is tourism. 

If you intend to move in Thailand and stay in this country for a long period of time, you will need to fill an application for the obtaining of a non-immigrant visa. There are particular visa types configured for each category of relocation purpose. A person who wants to move in Thailand to invest in the country will apply for a B (business) visa, students for ED (education) visa. One of our Thai lawyers can help you fill the application and indicate to you the Thai authorities you need to address for the obtaining of your Thai visa. 

Permanent relocation in Thailand 

The following step in your relocation, after the obtaining of a visa, is to apply for a permanent residence permit in Thailand. The requirements include registration with the Immigration Bureau, for which you must prepare a copy over your passport, and a prof that you already obtained a non-immigrant visa. You will have to pass as well an interview, which will check your knowledge of Thai language and some background information concerning your identity.

There is a limited number of applications which receive approval each year, so it is recommendable to start your application early. After you obtain a residence permit in Thailand, you will receive a red book, which is the equivalent of an ID card in Thailand. You might need to show as well that you have found accommodation in this country and that you have enough financial means to sustain yourself in Thailand. 

Feel free to contact our Thai law firm in order to start your application for a residence permit in this country, based on which you are allowed to relocate to Thailand