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Our law firm in Thailand is oriented towards finding the best legal solutions for its clients, no matter if we are talking about corporate customers or individuals who are interested to be legally represented in a case. Our Thai lawyers are specialized in several legal domains, from corporate law to employment law; our team of legal experts can assist you in various cases, such as civil cases, commercial litigation or disputes that may arise between corporate entities.

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Opening a company in Thailand 

Foreign investors interested in the business environment in Thailand can receive legal advice and guidance from our team of expert Thai lawyers, with the guarantee of a successful start-up at advantageous prices. Our lawyers will offer you support through all the necessary procedures for the incorporation of a company; you will need to provide several documents for the registration of a Thai company, open a bank account for your business, set up a business address, receive permits from local authorities and comply with the local tax regulation

Corporate legal counseling in Thailand 

In the situation in which you need legal counseling for your company, our team of Thai lawyers can provide you with advice on various matters, such as mergers and acquisition and company due diligence procedures or dissolution of companies



Assistance in litigation cases in Thailand

Our team of lawyers can offer you assistance in the proceedings related to  any type of litigation cases. Usually, a case is settled by establishing an agreement between the two parties or by addressing it to a Thai court. 

Debt collection

If you are involved in a debt collection issue, our law firm can offer you various procedures available under the Thai legislation for the recovery of such debts. Our experienced lawyers can help clients collect debts in Thailand either by using the amicable procedure or the legal one.  

Taxation lawyers in Thailand 

Paying corporate taxes in Thailand is done according to the local taxation system. Our lawyers can help you with specific financial aspects of your business, including the payment of taxes for your activity in Thailand.


Please contact our team of Thai lawyers for more information about the services provided to foreign companies in Thailand; our lawyers can also offer their assistance to individuals who are involved in various types of litigion cases.

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