Permanent Residence in Thailand

Updated on Thursday 02nd September 2021

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People who live and work in Thailand for many years have the possibility to apply for a permanent residence (PR) in the country which offers lots of advantages. This type of permit can be also obtained by the individuals who have companies in the country and do legal activities. Our lawyers in Thailand can provide you with information and assistance if you wish to receive a Thai permanent residence or if you want legal services for your company.

Requirements to obtain a permanent residence in Thailand

The Thai permanent residence permit allows every individual to live legally and permanently in the country, without having to extend the visa. It is good to know that this type of permit lets you purchase a property in the legal terms in this matter and without making money transfers from overseas. There are certain documents you need to prepare and requirements to consider, in order to apply for permanent residence such as:

•    you need to have a non-immigrant visa for more than three years;
•    you can financially support your family;
•    you wish to obtain a citizenship for business purposes or employment;
•    you want to join a family member with a permit of residency;
•    you are an academic and you wish to make research in certain fields;

The application form can be filled at the Consulate, where you will also need to present a valid ID and to pay a certain fee. The Immigration Office in Bangkok is in charge of issuing the residence permits and the officer in charge with your application will invite you to an interview based on questions related to your status, religion and work. Our Thai lawyers can guide you when preparing the documents and other important aspects related to the permanent residence in Thailand


The interview with the immigration officer in Thailand

The Thai Immigration Law stipulates certain requirements related to the residence permit, such as:

•    the immigration officer can visit your residence and interview a family member;
•    the candidate will need to pass the Thai language test;
•    the immigration officer can ask questions about your career, family and about the intentions related to your application for a permanent residency in Thailand;

Our lawyers in Thailand advise you to opt for a sincere approach and to offer transparency and correctness regarding your social condition, family, assets, career and professional skills.

Other important characteristics about the permanent residence in Thailand

If your application for permanent residency has been approved, you will receive the blue book, in order to register the place you live, and the next step is to register with the local police and obtain the Thai Identity Card which is a red book. A residence permit is available for a long period of time and will help you leave the country and also return without any other restrictions. The next stage is to apply for Thai citizenship and the main condition is ten continuously years of living in Thailand.

If you have any other questions about how to obtain a Thai permanent residence, you may contact our law firm in Thailand for additional information.
There are certain important conditions to meet, in order to receive a residence permit in Thailand. Our Thai lawyers can provide you with information, guidance, and legal assistance if you wish to obtain a residence permit in the country. Besides knowing the Thai language, there are many other essential aspects you should consider when applying for a permanent residency in Thailand and in this article we will guide you step by step, in order to be prepared in this matter.

The importance of having a residence permit in Thailand

If your application is accepted, the immigration officer will grant the foreign candidates a 180 days extension of stay. Besides that, there are many advantages when having a residence permit in Thailand, and we remind the following:

•    the children born in Thailand will acquire Thai nationality;
•    a foreign citizen with a residence permit has the chance to become manager of a public company in Thailand;
•    after five years with a residence permit, the individual can obtain the Thai citizenship.

Our Thai lawyers have elaborated a concise list of answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the application for a permanent residence permit in Thailand

1. What criteria need to be verified for obtaining a Thai permanent residence permit? 

If you apply for a Thai permanent residence you have to make proof of basic knowledge of the Thai language. Moreover you need to have lived in this country for the last three years. 

2. Is it complicated to get a Thai permanent residence permit?

There are several categories of permits for permanent residence in Thailand, depending on the reason which makes you apply for this authorization. If you apply for the permit because of humanitarian reasons, the conditions might be different from  those imposed on people who apply for a permanent residence permit in order to conduct business in this country. One of our lawyers in Thailand can inform you on the requirements applicable to each category and help you start the application process.  

3. Is there a list of documents required for the application?

In the application process you are required to provide a copy of your passport or ID and documents which can prove your stay in Thailand was longer than three years. After the payment of the application fee you can submit as well other supporting documents that can convince the authorities on the grounds for your application. A bank statement which can present your financial situation is also required. 

4. When can I apply for a permanent residence permit in Thailand?

The standard application period for permanent residence in Thailand is from October till December each year. Our Thai lawyers can keep you updated on the deadlines for your application.

5. What are the benefits of a permanent residence permit?

The permanent residence permit saves time and costs for those people who intend to stay in Thailand for long periods of time, or who decide to move in this country. When you have a permanent residence permit you don't have to apply for a visa each time when you enter this country and you benefit as well from supplementary rights such as the right to own a house and to be elected in the board of a Thai public company.

6. What authority receives the applications for a Thai permanent residence permit?

In order to start an application for obtaining permanent residence in Thailand, you should address the Royal Thai Immigration Commission.

7. Is there a fee requiring payment within the application for a Thai permanent residence permit?

Yes. The authorities require that along the application you should pay as well a non-refundable fee of 7,600 Baht. An additional fee of 191,400 Baht is charged in case you obtain an approval to stay in Thailand on an indefinite period of time. 

8. Are there more steps when applying for permanent residence in Thailand?

After submitting the documentation with the authorities, applicants need to pass as well an interview in which they must provide information on their reasons to stay in Thailand. The interview will take place in Thai language. 

9. What level do I need to have in Thai language in order to pass the interview for a Thai permanent residence permit?

The authorities do not require you to have a native level in order to qualify for the obtaining a permanent residence permit. If you have difficulties in reading the questions an assistant from the Immigration Office will help you. 

10. Is there a limit of how many persons can obtain a permanent residence permit in one year?

Yes. The Thai government imposed a cota of 100 persons per year from each country which can obtain a permanent residence in Thailand
If you have more questions on the application for a Thai permanent residence permit feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand for further details and professional legal advice.