A Short Guide on Thai Court System

Updated on Friday 23rd September 2016

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As a short guide on the Thai court system, our Thai lawyers would like to mention that the court system in this country is ruled by the Constitution of Thailand and applying statutes. In Thailand, there are various court systems:

•    Constitutional Courts;
•    Courts of Justice;
•    Military Courts;
•    Administrative Courts.

The judicial court system in Thailand

The judicial court system in Thailand is a multileveled, entirely functional one. It is based on the principles of the Westminster Type, however it functions differently from the British system.

The judicial Thai court system is divided in the following levels:

1.    The Supreme Court;
2.    The Courts of Appeal;
3.    The Courts of First Instance.

1.    The Supreme Court in Thailand

The Supreme Court in Thailand is the highest court in the region in which all its rulings are made final and executory. It hears appeals made by lower courts in the country, being presided by a President and having distinct specialized divisions. The various Supreme Court Divisions are comprised of:

•    Juvenile and family;
•    Labor;
•    Tax Division;
•    Intellectual property and International Commerce;
•    Bankruptcy;
•    Criminal Division for holders of political positions;
•    Commercial;
•    Administrative.

2.    The Courts of Appeal in Thailand

There are ten diverse Appeal Courts in Thailand: one in Bangkok, which deals with appeals from Civil and Criminal Courts, and nine Regional Courts of Appeal that deal with appeals from the Provincial Courts. In order for an appeal to be heard, minimum three judges must form a quorum. In Thailand, appeals are possible on point of fact or point of legislation.

3.    Courts of First Instance in Thailand

The courts of first instance in Thailand represent the lowest level of the Thai judicial court system. They are comprised of:

•    Courts in Bangkok;
•    Courts in the Provinces;
•    Juvenile and Family Courts;
•    Specialized Courts.

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