Intellectual Property in Thailand

Updated on Monday 16th May 2022

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Laws regarding intellectual property in Thailand refer to works from several domains, such as literature, art, media, industry and science. Their role is protect original works such as trademarks, marketing names, scientific discoveries and inventions of all types. 

Trademark, copyright and patent are the three main branches of intellectual property that protect the works and creations of inventors, granting them the corresponding rights of usage and benefits. Our lawyers in Thailand advise you to register them on the territory of the country.


The Fight against Intellectual Property Infringement in Thailand

Our lawyers in Thailand often come to the aid of clients that seek protection against unfair endeavors of the competition, while in this country the infringement of these types of laws is considered a criminal offense. In order to avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations, our legal experts invite you to follow these steps:

•    First of all, you have to make sure that the product, service or concept that represents your intellectual property has been registered with the respective department dealing with the protection of intellectual property.
•    Make sure that you are familiar with the rights to your specific type of intellectual property.
•    Be prepared to take legal action and ask for the help of an Thai attorney, who can also represent you if you want to immigrate to Thailand.  

Thailand Law and Trademark


Trademark is a very important aspect of intellectual property protection, as it includes an entire category of items such as company names, logos and symbols or other services and goods that belong to certain brands and represent an essential part of their identity. 

In concordance with the Thai Trademark Act issued in 2000, trademarks have to fulfill the following conditions: 

•    They have to be a mark, which includes items such as drawings, pictures, photographs, names, numbers, shapes or signatures. 
•    They should be original and they should be used in direct connection with the services or goods of the respective company or person. 
•    The mark has to be distinct and resemble as little as possible other registered marks and be recognizable by the general public.

Patent represents the right belonging to an inventor of an innovative product, system or machinery prohibiting other persons or companies to use, sale, produce the respective item. By means of royalties, it can bring its designer or inventor substantial financial benefits, so our lawyers will be happy to provide you with further precise information on these topics. If you are interested in registering a trademark in Thailand or if you are dealing with intellectual property disputes, please contact our law firm in Thailand for legal assistance and representation in the courts of justice.