Q&A on Thai Long Term Visa

Updated on Monday 31st July 2017

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Many foreign citizens who decide to spend longer periods of time in Thailand need to apply for a Thai long term visa. The procedure and the conditions for applying for a long term visa in Thailand can be answered by our Thai law firm in order to support our clients in their initiative to relocate to Thailand. The most frequent questions from our clients have been gathered and we have provided answers that we hope to be useful to everyone interested on the subject. 

1. Can anyone apply for a long term visa in Thailand?

There are many categories of applicants which have the right according to the law to obtain a long term visa in this country. One such category is represented by students who intend to spend their formation time in Thailand. The long term visa is open as well to people over 50 years old, who have decided to retire in Thailand and who have enough financial means to sustain their retirement projects. Marriage as well as tourism can also stand as grounds for obtaining a long term visa in this country. 

2. Are there more types of long term visa in Thailand?

Depending on how soon you intend to leave Thailand after the obtaining of your approval of stay, you will be able to apply for two types of long term visas. Marriage and retirement visas represent a type of long term visa which is available indefinitely. The second type of Thai long term visa is issued for one year and it is helpful for people who have to enter and exit the borders of the Thai state at any moment. 

3. What are the requirements for applying for a long term visa in Thailand?    

One of the most important conditions for obtaining a long term visa is to have a valid passport for at least 6 months. Moreover there will be needed two passport photographs. As a student you will have to show your invitation letter from the University. 

4. What is the main authority which issues long term visas in Thailand?

The Royal Thai Embassy receives the applications for long term visas. The documentation can be prepared with the help of one of our attorneys in Thailand

5. Is the long term visa affected by visiting another country?

Although the Thai long term visa remains valid for the entire period, with any exit outside the borders of the Thai kingdom, at your return in Thailand, you need to provide a re-entry permit. This can be a one-entry permit or a multiple entry permit. Our Thai lawyers can give you more details on the advantages and prices for each type.

Please feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand in order to discuss all questions you may have on the long term visa in this country.