Obtain a Work Permit for Thailand

Updated on Thursday 01st December 2016

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Overseas citizens who are interested in working in Thailand need to obtain the work permit. This type of document allows everyone to legally work in the country and offers details about the employment, the company, and the current position. If you are interested in obtaining a work permit for Thailand, you may solicit help and guidance from our Thai lawyers.

Necessary documents to obtain a work permit in Thailand

Foreigners who wish to work in Thailand will need to show the non-immigrant visa and to provide information about the employer. Here are the main documents a candidate needs to prepare, in order to receive a Thai work permit:

•    the letter of employment;
•    the valid passport;
•    the available diploma;
•    the medical record;
•    the address in Thailand;
•    marriage certificate, if married to a Thai citizen.

As a reminder, all the documents need to be translated in the Thai language, and if you need assistance in this matter, you can ask for guidance from our lawyer in Thailand. The immigration officer will ask for specific documents that need to be prepared by the employer, such as company papers, the VAT certificate, certain financial statements and the list of the depositors. Besides that, a letter of employment will be considered if details about the remuneration and the work position of the future employee will be mentioned.

Specific conditions related to the work permit in Thailand

An individual with a granted work permit in Thailand needs to perform the mentioned occupation and to respect the working hours stipulated in the contract. It is recommended to extend your Thai visa with three months before the agreement expires, in case you wish to continue working in Thailand. If a person leaves the country for certain reasons, a re-entry visa needs to be issued, in order to keep the work permit without any restrictions.

Details and additional information about how to obtain a Thai work permit can be found if you contact our law firm in Thailand. You may also solicit our legal services.