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Updated on Wednesday 28th June 2017

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Chiang Mai is one of the most important urban centers in Norther Thailand, and an important tourism hub. A foreign investor has many reasons to orient his/her attention towards this place. The legal services provided by our Thai lawyers can help you organize a company in Chiang Mai and to enhance the efficiency of your business activity in this city.


Establishing a company in Chiang Mai

If you wonder what regulations apply according to the Thai corporate law for the opening of a company in Chiang Mai, you can rely on our law firm to inform you on the company formation steps and to help you through the registration process. There are several business structures provided by the Thai legislation such as the private limited liability company or the general partnership. The specific requirements for each legal structure refer to an amount of the minimum capital which needs to be deposited in a bank account and to a file constituted of several documents such as the articles of association and identification papers.

An investor has many options for entering the Thai market, for example a foreign company may open a subsidiary or a branch in Thailand. Each alternative has its own advantages and our consultants can help you choose the most appropriate one for your business objective. 

Special permits and licenses in Chiang Mai

Every enterprise in Chiang Mai established by a foreign investor will need to make proof of a business license. Companies pertaining to certain industries need additional permits or licenses in order to be able to function in Thailand. Our Thai law firm provides legal counseling for its clients thus allowing you to find out about the procedure and requirements for obtaining the needed license. 

Litigations in Chiang Mai

If your company in Chiang Mai faces a legal dispute and you want to find the most efficient solution you can discuss with one of our attorneys in Thailand for a mediation procedure or in order to be represented in court through litigation processes

Company mergers and acquisitions in Chiang Mai

The mergers and acquisitions procedures are very popular ways among foreign investors in Thailand who wish to increase their shareholder or to extend their enterprise. Our lawyers in Thailand remain at your disposal for assisting you with these legal actions.

Tax planning

If you have a company in Chiang Mai it is recommendable to employ as well a tax advice service from our law firm in Thailand. This allows you to comply with the most recent requirements and measures adopted by the Thai government in matters of taxation

Feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand in order to benefit from the specialized help and legal services provided by our lawyers.