The Prenuptial Arrangement in Thailand

Updated on Wednesday 14th December 2016

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The Prenuptial Arrangement in Thailand Image
People who wish a prenuptial agreement in Thailand should register it within two months before the wedding. As we all know, a prenup contains details about every assets or property of a person, including information about certain obligations. This kind of document protects the personal belongings in case of a divorce and secures the rights of the children. Our lawyers in Thailand can provide you with information and legal assistance if you want to prepare a premarital agreement.

Conditions to obtain a Thai prenup

The Civil and Commercial Code in Thailand is in charge of issuing the premarital agreements in the country, but before you enter into this process, it is recommended to hire our Thai lawyer, in order to help you prepare the needed documents and to make you understand the main conditions:

•    identity cards and birth certificates are required for both future spouses;
•    the Thai prenup arrangement needs to be signed in front of at least two witnesses;
•    the premarital agreement needs to be registered at the local office where the marriage will take place.
Our Thailand lawyers can offer you help and legal assistance if you want to get married, to divorce or to register a prenuptial contract in the country.

What you need to know about a premarital arrangement in Thailand

A legalized prenuptial arrangement in Thailand is recognized worldwide. All the necessary documents and also the prenuptial agreement need to be translated into English, in order to be notarized and to be legal. Before preparing the documents, the future spouses will receive private legal counseling. A Thai prenup can diminish the risk of legal concerns and can lower the litigation charges in case of a divorce. Besides that, the contract is the main help used to determine the correct distribution of assets between two divorced people. Many Thai persons choose to sign a prenuptial arrangement, in order to protect the businesses and all family properties.

Why do people choose to sign a prenup contract in Thailand?

Individuals who own retirement funds, houses or stocks can think of registering a premarital arrangement in Thailand. Besides that, you should consider registering such contract if there are children from a previous marriage involved or if you will obtain an inheritance soon. The personal businesses can be protected with a prenup arrangement in Thailand.

You are invited to get in touch with our law firm in Thailand if you are interested in signing a Thai prenuptial arrangement.