Thai Tourist Visa

Updated on Monday 05th December 2016

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With a rich culture and many investment opportunities, Thailand is on top choices for people who wish to visit a beautiful country. If you have planned to visit Thailand for business or leisure, it is necessary to apply for a Thai tourist visa. There are certain conditions you need to accomplish if you want to obtain a Thai tourist visa, but with the proper help and legal assistance from our lawyers in Thailand, you can obtain the best possible result.

Necessary documents for a Thai tourist visa

A tourist visa for Thailand can be granted by the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country and it is available for 30 to 60 days, depending on a person’s entries in the country. Our Thai lawyer can offer assistance when preparing the following documents, in order to apply for a tourist visa:

•    bank statements that show you have enough money for the trip in Thailand (about EUR 528 for each citizen or BAHT 20,000);
•    the return tickets;
•    the valid passport;
•    one photo;
•    the filled visa application form.

Take into consideration that the immigration officer may ask for extra documents, in order to prepare the Thai tourist visa. A certain fee is necessary to be paid when applying for this type of visa.

What you need to know about the Thai tourist visa

A Thai tourist visa is available for three months if one entry is made in Thailand. People who wish to leave and to return to Thailand can ask for a tourist visa which is available for six months and it is known as a multiple-entry visa. We remind that you have the possibility to extend the Thai tourist visa if you have planned a longer stay in the country, and this process can be made at the immigration office in Bangkok or other major cities in Thailand.

Please take into consideration that a Thai tourist visa will not allow a foreigner to ask for public funds, to work or to perform business activities in the country. If you are interested in this matter you may apply for a business visa in Thailand.

For extra information and details about the Thai tourist visa, you can contact our law firm in Thailand.