Thai Marriage Visa

Updated on Thursday 02nd September 2021

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The Thai marriage visa is available for foreigners who are married a citizen in Thailand. This type of visa is available for one year, with the possibility to extend it. There are specific conditions to meet before applying for such visa, and there are also many benefits. The entire information related to the Thai marriage visa can be provided by our lawyers in Thailand, who can also offer legal assistance when preparing the documents.

Requirements to obtain a Thai marriage visa

The Thai marriage visa can offer the possibility to look for a job and to legally work in Thailand. In order to receive such visa, there are certain conditions to meet, like:

•    you must be married to a Thai citizen and provide a copy of the marriage certificate;
•    you need to have at least THB 40,000 as a monthly revenue and to prove this with special documents;
•    instead of making the proof of monthly incomes, you can demonstrate you have a Thai bank account with at least THB 400,000 deposit;
•    you need to hold an available passport and a medical certificate;
•    you must have a clear criminal background in order to receive a Thai marriage visa.

As a reminder, our Thai lawyers can offer the necessary help and legal assistance for any citizen who wants to apply for a Thai marriage visa and can also offer assistance if you need a Thai tourist visa.

What can you do with a Thai marriage visa?

The Thai marriage visa is the evidence of your legal marital status with a citizen of Thailand. This type of document lets any foreign individual to legally work in Thailand, with the same benefits as for a Thai citizen, including the free health care system and education. Besides the Thai marriage visa, the individual will obtain an available work permit, if he/she meets the important requirements. One should know that the marriage visa in Thailand is available for one year and can be extended if the spouse will meet the same conditions as for the first application for such visa.

Our team can answer your questions if you wish to know more about immigration and/or how to obtain permanent residence in Thailand.

You are invited to get in touch with our law firm in Thailand for additional information and details about how to apply for a Thai marriage visa.