Set Up a Travel Agency in Thailand

Updated on Friday 21st July 2017

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In order to open a travel agency in Thailand you need to follow the provisions of the Thai law concerning company formation. The travel market in Thailand is ready to accomodate foreign investments and therefore, the opening of a business in the tourism sector has many opportunities of success in this country. Our Thai law firm can provide top quality legal services on company formation issues and can help you register your travel business in this country.

The first steps in opening a travel agency in Thailand

In order to establish a successful company in the travel market in Thailand, foreign investors need to elaborate a clear business plan. They need to decide on the legal structure in which to organize their travel agency as well as on the type of services that they intend to offer to the public. 
A travel agency owner can choose between the following business alternatives:
an online travel agency;
a general sales agent;
a niche agency;
a franchise;
a corporate travel company.
Each type of business has its advantages as well as its particular legal implications. One of our Thai lawyers can explain you in more detail the advantages of each travel business type in terms of legal obligations and what your legal status will be in each case.

The registration of a travel agency business in Thailand

The process for registering a travel agency in Thailand implies the very same steps required in company formation by the Thai Company Act. The Department of Business Development receives applications from foreign investors who intend to initiate a company in the tourism sector.
After choosing an appropriate name for your travel agency you must also decide on the type of legal form in which you intend to organize your business. You can open your tourism enterprise as a sole proprietorship, as a limited liability company or as a partnership. One of our lawyers in Thailand can explain to you what taxes need to be payed for each type of company and what would your legal status be in each case.
Feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand for legal advice concerning the registration of a travel agency in this country.