Open a Shop in Thailand

Updated on Monday 15th January 2018

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In Thailand, entrepreneurs can open a wide variety of shops depending on the products they intend to commercialize on the Thai market. Being one of the most attractive touristic destinationms in Asia, Thailand is an inspired place where to set-up a shop. Both local and foreign customers can contribute in making your retail business in Thailand a profitable enterprise. One of our Thai attorneys can give you all details on the conditions required by the authorities in Thailand for the set-up of a shop in this country.

Tips for opening a shop in Thailand 

If you decide to open a shop in Thailand you should consider a few aspects in the organization of your strategy. Since a shop’s visibility is just as important as its products, it is important to find a good location for your retail business in Thailand. Moreover try to check whether the property you intend to rent or buy is going to provide enough space for your activities such as sale and storage.

If you are a foreign investor you should check as well the legal requirements for setting up an enterprise in this country. Our attorneys in Thailand can give you more details regarding the business visa and its obtaining conditions. 

Investors who open a shop in Thailand are also interested in the taxation system in this country and its impact on the profits of the business. Thailand has very advantageous tax rules: only profits over 150 000 Baht (4600 dollars) being taxed at a low rate of 10%. Our Thai lawyers can offer more details on the tax provisions in Thailand. 

Signing a lease contract in Thailand   

The lease contract is only one of multiple legal documents that an entrepreneur needs to prepare before being able to open a shop in Thailand. Based on this document you can ensure a safe place in which your retail business to be hosted. If you need assistance with the clauses to be included in a lease or purchase contract it is advisable to address our law firm in Thailand where you can find professional legal counselling. 

When searching for the most opportune spot for your store in Thailand, you could as well employ a due diligence service. This implies a careful check against any potential hidden risks related to the property. Our Thai lawyers can help you with this verification so that you can make a safe investment in your shop in Thailand. 

Feel free to contact us for reliable advice on the Thai legal framework including the company registration procedure for your shop in Thailand