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Updated on Thursday 02nd June 2016

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Foreign investors who want to establish their business presence on the Thai market as soon as possible can opt for a shelf company, which is a ready-made business that has already been incorporated and it is available for sale. The main advantage of a shelf company is that the investor can start his or her business operations in a short period of time (1 or 2 days) after the purchase of the company; our Thai lawyers can provide assistance during the purchase process to both local and foreign entrepreneurs.


Thai ready-made companies

The process of buying a shelf company is rather simple and its main advantage is that is does not represent a time consuming process, as it is the case for the incorporation of a new company. The shelf company has already been incorporated and the buyer is required to perform only a few steps after the purchase and the transfer of ownership; our Thai attorneys can provide assistance for the stages following the purchase. 

As a general rule, shelf companies in Thailand are incorporated by professionals related to the legal field, such as law firms or accounting firms. The process of buying refers to the completion of several documents on the transfer of ownership or transfer of directorate. 

After the investor purchased the shelf company, he or she is allowed to perform significant changes on the company, such as:

•    change the name of the company;
•    establish a new  business address;
•    set out new business objectives;
•    appointing new directors. 

Requirements for Thai shelf companies 

After the shelf company has been transferred to the new owner, the investor is required to register for value added tax and social security. The company has the legal right to perform the same activities as any other company. 

Directors of a Thai shelf company can perform a number of activities if they are foreign citizens without a work permit; most of them refer to: 

•    participating to a meeting;
•    participating at the meeting of the Board of Directors;
•    attend to technical and special seminars;
•    negotiate on a business matter. 

If you need further information on the shelf companies in Thailand, please contact our team of Thai lawyers for assistance on this matter. 


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