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Updated on Thursday 11th August 2022

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The bar businesses in Thailand are among the most profitable ones especially in big cities which are intensely visited by tourists and who accommodate a large number of people. There are specific regulations concerning foreign investment in the bar enterprises in Thailand and usually foreigners need to share ownership with one or more local partners. In order to run a bar in this country you will need as well to apply for a special license allowing you to sale alcoholic drinks.  Our lawyers in Thailand will do everything in order to help you open and operate your bar in this country.

We can also answer any questions related to the process required for immigration to Thailand.

How to open a bar in Thailand

According to foreign business act, apart from Thai and US citizens, foreign entrepreneurs who want to open a limited liability company will need to find a local partner in order to establish a bar business in this country. With 49% ownership you can still keep majority in your enterprise by dividing the rest of 51% to more Thai natural or legal persons.

Our Thai lawyers can help you as well with the name reservation procedure for your bar and with gathering the necessary documentation required by the Business Development Office (BDO) - the office which keeps evidence and gives approval for the formation of new legal entities.

If you want to obtain a long-term residence permit, our immigration lawyers in Thailand can assist you.

A few rules regarding alcohol licenses in Thailand

In order to function on the Thai market, a bar opened by a foreign investor will need to obtain an alcohol license and to make sure that the bar will not be placed in the proximity of schools or religious areas, because this is forbidden by the law.

Each year the license expires on December 31 and it must be renewed. The fee for obtaining an alcohol license is of 1100 THB. The Liquor Licenses are issued by the District Office for the area where the bar functions, as a response to an application filed by the bar owner. The applicant needs to provide a list of documents in order to obtain an alcohol license for his/her bar, containing information on the address, company's registration documents, and authorization for the use of the premises, identification documents etc.

Our team can give you complete details on the Thai business visa, if you are ready to open a bar. We will also give you details about immigration to Thailand.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Thai law firm in order to obtain more information on the steps of company registration in Thailand and on the specific requirements for opening a bar in this country.

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