Obtaining a Business Visa for Thailand

Updated on Friday 02nd September 2022

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A Thailand business visa is necessary for people who wish to open a company or to work in the country. This type of visa is also known as the non-immigrant B visa. Our Thai lawyers can provide you with the necessary information and legal assistance if you need a Thai business visa. You can further ask for details from our immigration lawyers in Thailand if you want to apply for a Thailand golden visa. They can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance in this regard. 

 Quick Facts  
Eligible nationalities   

All nationalities are eligible for Thai business visa

Reasons for the issuance of Thai business visa 


This visa is issued to conduct business without getting paid; to invest in any business; to perform paid activities with a work permit

Obtaining a business visa in Thailand grants citizenship by investment 

No, because it falls under “B” category 
Types of Thai
business visa

Single entry Thai business visa;
multiple entry Thai business visa

Thai business visa on arrival  No, it is not available on arrival
Is it possible to convert Thai tourist visa into a business visa?

Yes, with the assistance of our lawyers in Thailand 

Time for processing Thai business visa application 

5-10 business days 

Cost for Thai business visa Single entry: 65 USD; Multiple entry: 164 USD
Family reunification is possible under Thai business visa It is possible if you apply for category “O” non-immigrant visa 
Categories of Thai business visa  Non-immigrant B visa; non-immigrant B-A visa; non-immigrant IB visa; non-immigrant B (teaching) visa
Thai business visa has same regulations like a work visa in Thailand No, our Thai lawyers can explain the difference between them
Immigration services  Available by the attorneys located at our law firm in Thailand. They can help you acquire different types of Thai visas
Post-immigration services   Yes, our Thai lawyers can provide assistance with residency and citizenship applications  
Tailored support for obtaining a business visa for Thailand The services of our immigration lawyers are at your disposal for obtaining a business visa for Thailand
Other services
(if available)
Our Thai lawyers can help you with trademark registration, company incorporation, virtual office, residency, and taxation, etc. Contact us for details.

Who needs a Thai business visa?

A Thailand business visa is required for foreign citizens who need to travel to this country for business purposes. The business visa is a non-immigrant visa in Thailand that falls under the "B" category. This means that it does not grant Thailand citizenship by investment. Visas in the "B" category are issued in Thailand for the following reasons:
  • Paid work, for which you will additionally want a work permit;
  • To do business without being paid;
  • To invest money into a Thai enterprise.
Although several countries enjoy visa exemptions for Thailand, these exemptions are mainly for tourism. If you are from a visa-exempt nation, you should check with a Thai embassy or consulate to see if a business visa is required even if you will not be working. Additionally, if you frequently travel to Thailand for business, you can obtain a one-year visa that allows you to enter the country numerous times for up to 90 days each time.
Keep in mind that if you wish to work, you will need a Thai work permit, which you will not get until you have a "B" category non-immigrant visa. For obtaining a Thailand investment visa, you are welcome to get in touch with our skilled immigration lawyers in Thailand. They can provide you with legal assistance throughout the process. 

Types of Thailand business visas

There are two types of Thai business visas that the Thai government provides:
  • Single entry Thai business visa: this visa allows a person to enter Thailand once and stay up to 90 days;
  • Multiple entry Thai Business visa: this visa is valid for one year that allows you to fly in Thailand multiple times and stay there for up to 90 days per entry.
If you have questions regarding immigration to Thailand and the types of visas you are welcome to get in touch with our knowledgeable lawyers without any hesitation. Furthermore, our lawyers can also help you obtain Thailand citizenship by investment. They can provide you with detailed legal assistance in understanding the eligibility criteria necessary for acquiring citizenship.

The non-immigrant B visa for employment in Thailand

This type of visa allows a citizen to legally work in Thailand and it is available for 90 days. In order to receive the non-immigrant B visa for employment in Thailand, you need to have a valid passport, to fill the application form at the Thai Embassy in your country, to show the letter of employment from your sponsor that tells the position you will work on, to show the bank statements that prove you can financially support yourself and to have a clear criminal record. If you have received the work permit for Thailand, the next step is to apply for a one-year visa inside the country and to ask for a re-entry visa if you intend or if it is necessary to travel outside Thailand. Our skilled lawyers can guide you about the requirements of a Thailand investment visa.
Furthermore, if you are interested in opening a publishing company in Thailand, you are welcome to get in touch with our attorneys. They can help you in setting up this company and provide you with legal guidance regarding obtaining any licenses or permits.

Conditions to obtain a Thai business visa

This kind of visa, also known as conducting business visa, will allow any citizen to receive a work permit and to legally work and do business in Thailand. Also, a Thai business visa allows any individual to open a bank account in the country. There are certain rules and conditions to receive the non-immigrant B visa and these are:

•    background check to verify the criminal record;
•    an invitation letter to demonstrate the reason for your travel in Thailand;
•    a valid passport;
•    bank statements that prove you can financially support yourself during the stay;
•    the filled application form.

This type of visa is available for 90 days and you can apply for it at the Thai Embassy in your home country. Our Thailand lawyer can guide you every step of the process, in order to receive the needed Thailand business visa.

How to apply for a Thailand business visa?

Our lawyers in Thailand can guide you on how to apply for a Thai business visa at the diplomatic mission office of Thailand in your country. You can rely on our lawyers for information regarding visa application submissions, appointments, opening hours and visa fee payment. The requirements for a Thailand business visa may vary from office to office. Collect the necessary documents required for a Thai business visa and submit your application. There are two methods of submitting your application. The first method is to submit your application in person on the date of your appointment. While the second method is, you can mail your visa application. If you choose the second method, you have to prepare an already paid and self-addressed envelope so the embassy can return your documents and passport. After submission, you need to wait until the embassy processes your visa application. Recover your documents and passports in person if you have applied in person. If you have applied by mail, the embassy will send your documents by mail. Once your Thailand business visa application gets approved, you have to enter the country within the visa's duration. You can also get in touch with our experienced Thai lawyers, they will explain the whole process in detail. Furthermore, you can also ask questions from our lawyers regarding the criteria of obtaining a Thailand golden visa.

Additional requirements for obtaining a Thai business visa

You may be asked for more proof and paperwork. Any needed documentation that is missing or incomplete must be noted in the form of a letter with an explanation. If you are applying for a non-immigrant B visa to get a work visa and accept a job offer in Thailand, you will need to bring the following documents which must be provided by your prospective employer:
  • Proof of business registration and its license;
  • Shareholder’s list;
  • Company profile;
  • Business operations details;
  • A list of international employees, including their names, countries, and job titles;
  • A map depicting the company's location;
  • Last year's balance sheets, income tax, and business tax statements;
  • Registration for the value-added tax.
You are also required to provide a letter from the Ministry of Labor approving your application.

Hiring enterprises in the tourism industry will also be required to confirm the number of international visitors they receive. Employing enterprises in the export industry will also be required to verify bank transactions. If you have previously held a Thai work permit, you must provide a copy of your prior work permit, as well as a copy of your alien income tax return. If you have any further questions on immigration to Thailand, you can interact with our experienced lawyers located at our law firm. They can also provide you with legal guidelines regarding obtaining a Thailand investment visa.

Can you take your family to Thailand?

If your family depends on you and you also want to bring them to Thailand, then you need to apply for a category O non-immigrant visa. This visa will allow the family to enter Thailand and stay there for no more than a year.

For any details about the Thailand business visa or how you can take your family to Thailand with you, the assistance of our lawyers would be very helpful. Get in touch with our Thai lawyers for any legal help in the matter of obtaining a Thai business visa.

Necessary reporting after 90 days

It is required of Thai business visa holders to report their current address to a Thai immigration office every 90 days. This reporting can be done in several ways: by mail, in-person, or through an agent who holds your power of attorney. But if you leave the country during 90 days, then you do not need to update the immigration office regarding your current status. Your count down for 90 days will start again from day 1 from the day you re-enter Thailand. If you are planning to obtain a Thai work permit you first need to apply for a non-immigrant B visa with a single entry. Once you get this visa, you can enter and begin your work permit application in Thailand. After receiving the work permit, the applicant can apply for 1 year non-immigrant B visa Extension of Stay inside Thailand.

It is necessary to fulfill the Thailand business visa requirements correctly to avoid any delays in the process. You can trust the services of our law firm in Thailand.

Thai visa processing time

The representative office where you apply decides how long it takes to receive a Thailand business visa. You should allow 5–10 business days for processing; however, some offices process visas in as little as two days.

Cost of a Thailand business visa

The cost of a Thai business visa is determined by the type of visa you obtain. In this way:
  • The charge for a one-entry Thailand business visa is 2,000 Thai Baht (about USD 65);
  • The fee for a multi-entry Thailand business visa is 5,000 Thai Baht (about USD 164).
Based on the local currency, the costs may vary slightly from one country to the other. Furthermore, the mode of payment for visa fees may change since some offices only accept cash, while others may demand you to pay via bank transfer.

Permit for Re-Entry

If you intend to leave Thailand and return while on a Thai business visa, you must first get re-entry permission from an immigration office or an international airport before departing. When you have a single entry, 90-day Thai business visa, you cannot seek re-entry permission, and if you leave Thailand while on this visa, it will become invalid.


Misconception regarding the permit to stay in Thailand

Those individuals who want to conduct business in Thailand obtain a 1 year non-immigrant B visa (multiple entry) to frequently travel in and out of the country. But a common misconception is people assume that they are allowed to stay for 1 year without any interruption. But that permit to stay is only valid for 90 days, after this time you are required to exit and re-enter Thailand.

For the exact details for a Thailand business visa, legal assistance is vital. You can rely upon the services of our Thai attorneys for any legal assistance.

National budget value in Thailand (2020-2022)

The following statistics show the value of the national budget in Thailand from the year 2020 to 2022:
  • In 2020, the amount of national budget in Thailand recorded around 3.2 trillion Thai baht;
  • In 2022, the national budget was forecasted to reach around 3.1 trillion Thai baht.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Thailand if you are planning to invest in this country. Our lawyers will help you obtain a Thailand business visa.

Questions people ask about Thai business visa

Thai business visa or ``B`` visa is necessary for people who want to work in the country or set up a company in Thailand. The procedures for obtaining a Thai business visa are rather complex since the legislation for the work permits has changed. Our attorneys in Thailand can offer you proper information and guidance if you want to obtain a business visa.

Thailand is a very popular destination, both for traveling and business purpose. All foreigners who want to enter the country need a visa. Specific documents have to be prepared in order to apply for a Thai visa. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by people wanting to go to Thailand:

•    Can I work in Thailand on a business visa? This visa only allows an individual to legally enter the country. It is not a work visa and a work permit is compulsory for legal employment in Thailand;
•    I want to work for a Thai company. What documents do I need? These situations require an application for a work permit. It can be submitted by a Thai employer or individually if there is an intention to start a company in Thailand;
•    I entered Thailand with a single-entry business visa and I need to travel abroad for a few days. Do I need another business visa when I reenter Thailand? An application for a reentry permit is needed in such conditions. This can be obtained at any international airports;
•    I want to sign a business contract with a Thai company. What documents do I need to enter the country? An application for a Thai business visa must be submitted with the Thai embassy or consulate in the country of origin. An invitation from the Thai company can be attached to the documentation for a visa application.

Any further question about the available types of business visa and the application procedure can be answered by our lawyers in Thailand.

Benefits of Thai business visa

Obtaining a business visa in Thailand entails a lot of advantages. This type of visa allows you unlimited entries to Thailand and a 90 days full stay in the country each time you enter. Another advantage of the business visa in Thailand is that you are eligible for work. You can apply for a work permit with any Thai company you want and explore the business and investment opportunities Thailand has to offer. The ability to set up a bank account in Thailand is another benefit of having a business visa in the country.

We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Thailand for further explanations about the business visa and the application procedure.