Obtaining a Business Visa for Thailand

Updated on Thursday 24th November 2016

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A Thai business visa is necessary for people who wish to open a company or to work in the country. This type of visa is also known as the non-immigrant B visa. Our Thai lawyers can provide you with the necessary information and legal assistance if you need a Thai business visa.

Conditions to obtain a Thai business visa

This kind of visa, also known as conducting business visa, will allow any citizen to receive a work permit and to legally work and do business in Thailand. Also, a Thai business visa allows any individual to open a bank account in the country. There are certain rules and conditions to receive the non-immigrant B visa and these are:

•    background check to verify the criminal record;
•    an invitation letter to demonstrate the reason for your travel in Thailand;
•    a valid passport;
•    bank statements that prove you can financially support yourself during the stay;
•    the filled application form.

This type of visa is available for 90 days and you can apply for it at the Thai Embassy in your home country. Our Thailand lawyer can guide you every step of the process, in order to receive the needed business visa.

The non-immigrant B visa for employment in Thailand

This type of visa allows a citizen to legally work in Thailand and it is available for 90 days. In order to receive the non-immigrant B visa for employment in Thailand you need to have a valid passport, to fill the application form at the Thai Embassy in your country, to show the letter of employment from your sponsor that tells the position you will work on, to show the bank statements that prove you can financially support yourself and to have a clear criminal record. If you have received the work permit for Thailand, the next step is to apply for a one-year visa inside the country and to ask for a re-entry visa if you intend or if it is necessary to travel outside Thailand.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Thailand if you need additional information about how to obtain the Thai business visa.


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