Marriage Registration in Thailand

Updated on Tuesday 18th October 2016

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For foreigners, the marriage registration procedure in Thailand begins with a visit to your embassy if you wish to marry a Thai person. There are two forms of marriage registration in the country, like the marriage between a foreigner and a Thai person, or between two foreigners in Thailand. If you have decided to settle and get married here, it is good to know that our lawyers in Thailand can offer assistance in preparing the necessary documents, and information about the Thai marriage and family rules and regulations.

Civil marriage in Thailand

A marriage in Thailand can take place if both people involved are 18 years old or more, and if they agree to take each other as husband and wife. This kind of arrangement needs to be recorded by the Civil Registrar in Thailand. You will need to confirm the citizenship and the civil status at your Embassy in Thailand, by completing a specific form, in order to properly get married in this country.  If you have been married before, it is good to know that you will need to offer the divorce papers. All the documents need to be translated in Thai, and besides that, if you need advice or assistance related to the documents preparation, it is good to know that you can count on our legal services from our Thai lawyers. The Thai Foreign Affairs department is in charge of the marriage between a foreigner and a Thai person, and it will also consider and verify all the provided documents. The Amphur in Thailand or the administrative sector in charge with this matter will register your marriage.

Necessary documents for marriage in Thailand

As a reminder, here are the needed documents, in order to obtain the marriage certification:

•    the passport;
•    affidavit or the confirmation that you are not involved in another marriage;
•    divorce certificate, if the case implies;
•    the filled form provided by the Embassy in Thailand.

If the papers have been accepted, then the next step is to choose a date and a place, in order to get marriedOn the other hand, we remind that you can receive legal assistance if you need a Thai visa. It is good to know that the Thai fiancée needs to prepare a valid ID, original divorce document if she was married before, the registration certificate of the house she lives in, and the certificate that shows the changed name. As a significant fact, you should know that Thailand does not accept marriages between people of the same sex, or bigamy.

We invite you to contact our Thailand law firm if you need additional details and information about the marriage registration in the country.