Legal Services in Nonthaburi

Updated on Wednesday 28th June 2017

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Situated in the central region of Thailand, Nonthaburi is a powerful spot for agriculture and tourism. Many foreign investors who want to explore the opportunities of this place, which is situated in the immediate vicinity of the capital Bangkok, can rely on the legal services provided by our Thai law firm in this city. 

Setting up a company in Nonthaburi

If you want to open a company in Thailand, and you want to be close to Bangkok, but still a bit far from the madding crowd, Nonthaburi is the most inspired choice you could make. The business opportunities in Thailand are very high thanks to the government preoccupation to attract foreign investment through a flexible business environment and highly advanced communicational and transportation infrastructure.

If you intend to set up an enterprise you will have to follow the provisions of the Corporate Law in Thailand. If some personal motives prevent you from traveling to Nonthaburi in order to initiate the registration process you can as well handle the incorporation procedure to one of our Thai lawyers by giving them the power of attorney

Depending on your business objectives you can choose from the Thai legal structures that particular form which is able to accommodate your projects and strategies on short and long term. For example you can register a private limited company with a share percentage of 49% owned by yourself, and you can distribute the rest of 51% to several other local companies. A registered partnership can also be a way to implement your business in Thailand. 

Our lawyers in Thailand can elaborate for you the documentation necessary for company registration. The articles of association of the company as well as identification information for the leading board need to be provided to the central institution dealing with the evidence of the companies in Thailand which is called the Department of Business Development.

If you intend to open a branch or a subsidiary in Nonthaburi our Thai lawyers can provide complete legal advice and can present to you the advantages and the drawbacks of each option.

Special permits and licenses in Nonthaburi

If you conduct specific business activities you might need to apply for special permits and licenses in Thailand. You can find out from our Thai lawyers what conditions apply to your domain and what documents you need to prepare in order to comply with the licensing legislation in Thailand.

Litigations in Nonthaburi

In a litigation process or for the settling of commercial disputes between your company and other parties, you can discuss with our attorneys in order to find a personalized and efficient legal solution for solving your particular issue. 

Company mergers and acquisitions in Nonthaburi

Many foreign investors need to combine two or more companies in order to increase the shareholder value of their enterprises or for strategic reasons. You are welcome to call on the expertise of our consultants in order to assist you through a merger or a company acquisition in Nonthaburi.

Tax advice and planning

The success of a company in Nonthaburi depends in great deal on a good tax planning. Our lawyers in Thailand can keep you updated on the changes which intervene in the local tax legislation and can help you elaborate a tax minimization strategy for a more profitable business experience in Nonthaburi.

Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Thailand for personalized and professional legal services for your company in Nonthaburi.