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Updated on Wednesday 28th June 2017

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The infrastructure and stability of the economic climate in Bangkok make it one of the most inspired places for the opening of a company in Thailand. The city is a regional force not only in science and business but also in domains like transportation and health care. If you intend to set up a business structure in Bangkok or if you want to invest in the development of an enterprise which already functions in this city, you can rely on the professional legal services provided by our Thai lawyers. Clients may find as well in our law firm a trustworthy partner in litigations. Our attorneys can assist you with resolving a legal dispute or help you through a debt collection procedure so that your business experience in Bangkok to be a fruitful one. 

Legal services provided our lawyers in Bangkok

You have many investment opportunities in Bangkok, and if you have a clear idea of the area in which you want to set up a business, you can immediately start the registration procedure for a company in this city. An investor will need a name for his future enterprise. It is recommendable that you select several name versions, so that when you check their availability, if the first or second options are taken, to be sure that you will be able to obtain a name reservation. Our law firm in Thailand can help you along the entire procedure of registration for your Bangkok company, until the business structure is formed and you can start your commercial activity. From the name reservation to the elaboration of the required documentation and its filing with the authorities you can rely on the company formation services provided by our Thai lawyers

After you have initiated your company in Bangkok you can as well employ consultancy services from our attorneys, so that your business to be able to expand, set up representative offices or recover debts. If you want to enter partnerships with other Thai companies in Bangkok our lawyers in Thailand can elaborate the necessary contracts and can as well perform for you a due diligence procedure, in order to ensure you that your investment is safe.

If you want to get a space for your offices, and you intend to buy real estate in Bangkok, our attorneys in Thailand can familiarize you with the local legislation concerning acquisitions by foreigners and they can help you make an informed purchase. Our due diligence service for real estate is designed in order to eliminate any risk from the aquisition of properties in Bangkok. 

If a person (legal or natural) encounters a difficult situation or enters a legal dispute, our Thai lawyers can provide support and representation in court through a litigation procedure. If other legal methods are more appropriate for your particular situation, you can rely on our consultants for the settlement of any conflicts generated by the violation of business contracts.

Accounting services in Bangkok

Our tax lawyers in Bangkok can help you deal with several financial aspects of your company. You can rely on our lawyers in Thailand for investment advice as well as the management of taxation and assurances for your enterprise. By discussing with our lawyers you can become more familiarized with the taxation system in this country. Moreover, our attorneys can help you implement several tax minimization strategies for your business. 

Our law firm in Thailand provides professional and customized legal services which are meant to respond to the various needs of our clients. Please contact us when you need to employ legal services in Bangkok in order to enhance the performance of your business in this city.