How to Start a Restaurant in Thailand

Updated on Monday 31st July 2017

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Many entrepreneurs from around the world invest in the food industry in Thailand because of the great flux of businessmen and tourists who visit the country annually. In order to establish an enterprise commercializing food a foreign investor needs to respect the provisions of the Thai kingdom in matters of business registration as well as consumer protection. Our law firm in Thailand is open to offer professional legal advice to anyone who is interested in starting a restaurant in this country.

Main provisions regulating the functioning of restaurants in Thailand

Apart from the employment law, which gives the legal framework for the working hours and the rights of your employees, as a restaurant owner, you need to be aware as well of the specific laws which deal with consumer protection. Food safety is a constant concern for the Thai kingdom and restaurants must closely follow the local regulations in order to attract their customers and maintain their interest in the restaurant’s products. 

Food law is another important act which requires the attention of a restaurant owner. The main authority responsible for controlling and granting the good functioning of restaurants is the Secretary General of the Food and Drug Administration. If you have any questions regarding particular demands that a food business needs to comply with in Thailand you can easily discuss with one of our Thai lawyers.

Important aspects regarding the set-up of a restaurant in Thailand

Just like any other business, a restaurant needs to be registered with the Department of Business Development (BOD) before being allowed to function in a Thai city and foreign investors need to apply for a Thai business visa. One of our attorneys in Thailand can help foreign investors to gather the necessary documentation and to apply for business registration. 

If you want to open a restaurant in Thailand, you must invest an important amount in the storage places at the same ensuring that the health rules are respected and that the personnel of the restaurant can work in safe conditions. More investment is required for specific cooking equipment as well as for an attractive design of the customer area. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Thailand in any issues regarding company formation so that your restaurant in this country to be able to bring profit as soon as possible.


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