How to Open a Bank Account in Thailand

Updated on Tuesday 04th April 2017

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People who do not want to pay extra fees in Thailand by using the debit cards registered in their home country have the possibility to open a bank account as soon as they relocate here. Several advantages come with opening a Thai bank account, one of them being related to the exemption of fees for certain financial services. If you have decided to open a bank account in Thailand, it is good to know that you can receive complete assistance and information in this matter from our Thai attorneys.

Documents needed to open a bank account in Thailand 

Most banks solicit a copy of the valid passport and details about the residence address in Thailand. But to be entitled to open a Thai bank account, one should also prepare the following documents:

•    a copy of the work permit;
•    proof of your address in Thailand;
•    a copy of the non-immigrant visa;
•    a recent utility bill;
•    a copy of the ID card issued in their home country.

We remind that our attorneys in Thailand are able to offer details and also legal assistance in Thai visa applications and to those interested in opening a bank account in the country.

Who can open a bank account in Thailand?

Immigrants who hold a non-immigrant Thai visa, a residence and a work permit in Thailand can open a bank account, in order to receive the remuneration and to make financial transactions. People with Thai business visas can open a bank account when registering a company in the country. Make sure to solicit details about the benefits that come with this type of bank account and about the online platform available for clients who want to make all the money transfers via the internet.

What are the non-resident bank accounts in Thailand?

Organizations from overseas with permanent establishments in Thailand, visitors from abroad, temporary workers, the representative offices in Thailand enter the category of non-residents. There are particular requirements to consider when opening a bank account like offering details about the temporary job you have in Thailand. The employer can help you with an official letter in this matter.

We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Thailand for further questions about how to open a Thai bank account.


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