FAQ on Thai Business Visa

Updated on Wednesday 31st May 2017

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Thai business visa or ``B`` visa is necessary for people who want to work in the country or set up a company in Thailand. The procedures for obtaining a Thai business visa are rather complex since the legislation for the work permits has changed. Our attorneys in Thailand can offer you proper information and guidance if you want to obtain a business visa.

Questions people ask about Thai business visa

Thailand is a very popular destination, both for traveling and business purpose. All foreigners who want to enter the country need a visa. Specific documents have to be prepared in order to apply for a Thai visa. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by people wanting to go to Thailand:

•    Can I work in Thailand on a business visa? This visa only allows an individual to legally enter the country. It is not a work visa and a work permit is compulsory for legal employment in Thailand;
•    I want to work for a Thai company. What documents do I need? These situations require an application for a work permit. It can be submitted by a Thai employer or individually if there is an intention to start a company in Thailand;
•    I entered Thailand with a single-entry business visa and I need to travel abroad for a few days. Do I need another business visa when I reenter Thailand? An application for a reentry permit is needed in such conditions. This can be obtained at any international airports;
•    I want to sign a business contract with a Thai company. What documents do I need to enter the country? An application for a Thai business visa must be submitted with the Thai embassy or consulate in the country of origin. An invitation from the Thai company can be attached to the documentation for a visa application.

Any further question about the available types of business visa and the application procedure can be answered by our lawyers in Thailand.

Benefits of Thai business visa

Obtaining a business visa in Thailand entails a lot of advantages. This type of visa allows you unlimited entries to Thailand and a 90 days full stay in the country each time you enter. Another advantage of the business visa in Thailand is that you are eligible for work. You can apply for a work permit with any Thai company you want and explore the business and investment opportunities Thailand has to offer. The ability to set up a bank account in Thailand is another benefit of having a business visa in the country.

We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Thailand for further explanations about the business visa and the application procedure.