Drafting Distribution Agreements in Thailand

Updated on Saturday 04th February 2017

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The supplier agreement in Thailand or the distribution convention refers to the resale of the goods and services offered by a manufacturer or vendor to a distributor under an exclusive or non-exclusive contract. The entire procedure can be explained by our lawyers in Thailand. Besides that, you can receive legal services for your company in Thailand or for personal matters.


What you need to know about the distribution agreements in Thailand

A company which deals with goods to sell has the possibility to choose different distributors for their services or products under the non-exclusive agreement in Thailand, according to the Company Law Code in the country. A single distributor for goods in the markets in Thailand can be designated under the exclusive contract, where the specific number of products need to be mentioned. Such contracts need to be supervised by a Thailand lawyer and the following aspects need to be considered and mentioned in the agreement:

•    details about the intellectual property rights over the goods of the company;
•    information about the reason of the agreement and the period of it;
•    details about the territory in which the distribution of the products will be made;
•    information about the cessation of the distribution contract

You may solicit proper information about drafting the Thai distribution agreements and the conditions implied in this important process from our lawyers.

Consider the commitments of a distribution agreement in Thailand

The seller and the distributor need to consider the important obligations when signing a distribution agreement in Thailand and here we refer to the quality of products or services if the vendor has legal documents which contain details about the ownership and if they respect the reason they were designed for. The company that wants to have its products distributed needs to offer samples to the distributor before closing any distribution contract in Thailand.

You are invited to get in touch with our Thailand law firm if you have any other questions about the distribution agreements and about how to prepare such an important contract.


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