Double Taxation Agreements in Thailand

Updated on Monday 20th February 2017

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Double Taxation Agreements in Thailand Image
Thailand is among countries who signed many double taxation agreements, to avoid the fiscal evasion and to respect the rules related to all sorts of taxes. The provisions are applicable to companies and natural persons in Thailand. Details about the treaties signed to avoid the double taxation can be solicited from our Thai lawyers who can also provide you with information about the tax planning solutions for your company in Thailand.

Details about the double tax convention signed by Thailand

The main provisions of a double taxation agreement are related to the avoidance of paying the income taxes twice, in Thailand and in the other contracted state. It is good to know that Thailand signed important double taxation conventions with 59 countries and here we mention the following: Philippines, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, Armenia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Denmark, India, Estonia, Israel, Finland,  Italy, Czech Republic, China, Australia, Chile, Ireland, Canada, Kuwait, Myanmar, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Bangladesh, US, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Switzerland, South Africa, Mauritius, Ukraine, Laos, Indonesia, the UAE, Luxembourg, Nepal, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK, Hungary, Vietnam, Turkey, Oman, Uzbekistan, Seychelles, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Hong Kong S.A.R., Sri Lanka, Tajikistan.

The recent double taxation agreements which are about to enter into force are signed with Lithuania, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. The conventions signed with the countries mentioned above stipulate that the royalties, the incomes, the dividends and other assets will be levied only in one of the countries mentioned in the agreement. Many details about the double taxation treaties can be explained by our lawyers in Thailand.

Tax exemptions for natural persons and companies in Thailand

One should know that the incomes derived from the share sales on the Thai Securities Exchange or from mutual funds are covered by the double tax treaty and no taxes will be imposed. Teachers from one of the contracted country, for instance, Singapore, who are involved in an education contract and research in Thailand, will be exempt from the taxes on incomes for two years. The incomes of a trainee or a student are partly exempted from taxation in the country where they study, according to the provisions stipulated under the double taxation convention between Thailand and other states.

Additional information about the double taxation agreements in Thailand can be obtained if you contact our Thai law firm.