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Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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With the second largest economy in Southeastern Asia, a GDP (gross domestic product) established around 5% per capita and a friendly business environment, there is no wonder why numerous financiers worldwide decide to relocate in Thailand, the land of smiles. They can benefit from many investment occasions in important areas of interest. Making investments in Thailand means attentively analyze the market, the competition and the sources of profit and trying to avoid as much as possible the common mistakes that might arise. We have gathered a few tips for investors who want to benefit from the advantages offered by the Thai market. It is good to know that our lawyers in Thailand are ready to offer complete and suitable information about the taxation system in the country and about the legal services you need for your business in Thailand.

Set goals before making investments in Thailand

Having goals and expectations are among the most important aspects to consider before starting to verify the investment possibilities in Thailand. There are many opportunities here, in the energy sector, real estate, tourism, automotive or manufacturing, but first of all, you need to know exactly want you to want, the zone you wish to explore and the budget you need to prepare. It is good to know that the long-term investments in Thailand require patience and time, and besides that, you can think of reinvesting the profits, like most of the businessmen do. And if you are wondering if there are any risks, the answer is yes, but if you know what you need and what you want to obtain, the level of risk will be much lower. 

Search for IPOs in Thailand

Any point of interest needs to be properly analyzed, and according to specialists, the IPOs (initial public offering) in Thailand are quite attractive. An IPO is related to the shares of a private company, small, medium or large which are offered to the public, in order to attract money and to develop.  For 2017, the list of IPOs in Thailand contains new companies with the full potential of development, like petroleum or transportation enterprises.

We remind that our Thai lawyers can provide you with information and guidance on investment matters in the country.

Focus on the main economy sectors in Thailand

Once you have decided to invest in Thailand, it is supposed that you know details about the major sectors in the country: agriculture, real estate, tourism or petroleum and gas. Thailand’s agriculture is the key engine in the country, which is why it is recommended to explore all the possibilities. The same goes for the tourism sector because Thailand is extremely visited and the resorts and hotels here register interesting profits. You might want to consider the real estate domain if you wish to extend your portfolio and to diversify your investments.

We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Thailand for further information about the investment opportunities in the country.

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