Thailand's tourism plan for 2018

Updated on Thursday 15th February 2018

Thailand's tourism plan for 2018 Image
The tourism authority of Thailand(TAT) has adopted a new action plan for 2018 in order to encourage further development of this sector. The purpose is to generate bigger revenues by increasing the number of visitors this year. If you plan to invest in the tourism area in Thailand you may profit of the governmental support. You can find out more details by discussing with our attorneys in Thailand.

Highlights of the tourism strategy for 2018 in Thailand

Through the TAT Action Plan meeting, officials have decided to support new ideas for development of the tourism sector in Thailand. The authorities intend to focus on inclusive tourism, which aims at embracing a wider community of travelers and maintain a balance between economy, environment and society. If you plan to start a business in Thailand you might focus on one of the currently under-represented segments such as Silver Age, Families, Gen-Y and female visitors.
New concepts have been developed in order to diversify the tourism offer for 2018. Marketing campaigns include slogans such as: Amazing Thailand, Discover Amazing Stories in Amazing Thailand or Open to the New Shades of Thailand. You can rely on our Thai lawyers in order to explain to you the incorporation procedure in this country. 

Encouraged business directions for tourism in Thailand in 2018

If you intend to invest in Thailand in the tourism sector, you could target niche customer segments, which is one of the focus points of the action plan for 2018.  Another direction, which still offers plenty of development opportunities, is the gastronomy tourism, which could be explored by foreign investors this year.
The seven categories promoted by TAT this year contain directions which benefit already of tourists’ attention but also some less explored segments:
Sports Tourism;
Gastronomy Tourism;
Maritime Tourism;
Wedding and Honeymoon Tourism;
Medical and Wellness Tourism;
Community-based Tourism;
Leisure Destinations.
Feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand in order to find out what are the requirements for setting up a tourism enterprise in this country and what are the most important aspects concerning Foreign investment law in Thailand.