Moving to Thailand: What You Need to Know

Updated on Monday 21st November 2016

Moving to Thailand: What You Need to Know Image
The friendly nature, the cost of living and the rich and interesting culture have always been the main aspects to consider when deciding to move to Thailand. Besides that, the country has many investment opportunities and businessmen worldwide choose to settle and have all kinds of activities in Thailand. We have gathered the main details you need to know before you move to Thailand, in order to be prepared and to start a new life in the Land of Smiles. Our lawyers in Thailand can provide you with information in this matter and can legally assist you if you want to open a company and need information about the tax system in the country.

The cost of living in Thailand

Compared to many other countries, the cost of living in Thailand is quite affordable, and here we also include the capital, Bangkok.  For example, a rented apartment in Thailand can cost about THB 2,000 or THB 3,000 (EUR 54 or EUR 64). If you choose luxury, you can rent a private and fully equipped condominium for about THB 40,000 (about EUR 1,100). Besides that, many people choose to eat in the restaurants or food corners found everywhere. For some good food, you can pay about THB 70-80 (about EUR 3) for a complete menu.  If you wish to work from home, the internet connection will cost about THB 2000 per month (EUR 54).  The mobile communications are also affordable, Thailand being appreciated for the fast development in this area.

Weather in Thailand

Starting from March and ending with October, the weather in Thailand is pleasant, the sun shines almost every day and the average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius.  But it is good to know that you will need to accommodate with the sunny and rainy moments which can change in a couple of minutes during a day. The humidity is quite high in Bangkok, but in the northern of the country, in cities like Chiang Mai or Mae Hong Son you may find a cooler weather, due to the mountain that surrounds them. But between March and May, the summer is hot, with an average temperature of 35-37 degrees Celsius.

Business start-up costs in Thailand

Thailand offers many investment opportunities and overseas financiers choose to move in Thailand and start doing business.  If you wish to reserve a name for your company you can do it online without any costs. For a company seal, it is necessary to pay about THB 400 (EUR 11). The registration certificate of your company will cost about THB 100 (EUR 3), but before that you will need to pay for the company’s registration process, around THB 8,500 (EUR 230). Our Thai lawyer can provide you with complete information about how to open a company in Thailand and about the costs of having a business in the country, including the taxes that need to be paid.

Company registration in Thailand

The company registration procedure Thailand is an easy process and the Business Development Office is the institution in charge of this matter, in complete connection with the Ministry of Commerce in Thailand. Most businessmen choose the limited liability company in Thailand that allows 100% foreign proprietorship. The business needs to be registered with the Trade Register in the country and then with the local authorities, in order to pay the social contributions and the VAT. Our Thai law firm is ready to offer you the necessary information about how to register a company in Thailand, and the main stages you need to consider before you move in the country.

Thai visas

In order to enter Thailand, you will need to prepare the necessary documents for a visa. A tourist visa is available for 60 days and then can be extended for other 30 days. If you apply for a Thai tourist visa you will need to prepare a valid passport, some bank statements that prove you can financially support yourself and the return ticket. A business visa is necessary for people who wish to settle in Thailand and to open a company here. This is also known as a Non-Immigrant B visa and is available for 90 days, with the possibility to extend it at the Immigration Office in Bangkok.

People who wish to work in Thailand will need a work permit. The Immigration Office in Bangkok will provide you with a work permit if you are an expatriate who wants to work for a foreign company that has a representative office in Thailand, if you have a temporary job and if you show the sponsorship certificate that proves the type of work you will have. The process is quite simple and the work permit can be granted in a proper time.

Please feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand if you are interested in details and recommendations about the moving process in Thailand.