Details About the Thai Employment Contracts

Updated on Monday 20th March 2017

Details About the Thai Employment Contracts Image
The work contracts in Thailand have numerous sections where there are specified the terms and conditions for the proper ways of completing the tasks. The employer and the employee need to respect the rules and the conditions mentioned in the Thai contract, without having to enter into litigation matters. Our Thai lawyers can provide you with complete information about the employment contracts in Thailand and the subjects to consider before signing it.

Dismissing the legal contract in Thailand

According to the rules and regulations in Thailand, a contract can be concluded in an oral form or in writing, both of them protected by the Thai Labor Law and the Civil Commercial Law in the country. In the case of failure of duties as stipulated in the Thai contract, the termination procedure of such agreement will pretty much depend on the company’s way of managing things and also the imposed internal regulations. For the beginning, a warning letter will be provided to the employee, and if he/she continues to adopt an inappropriate behavior regarding his duties at work, the employer is usually allowed to dismiss the work contract within a reasonable period from issuing the warning letter. In this case, the employer must analyze the amount of compensation he needs to pay, in order to legally finish the contract on both parts.

We remind that our lawyers in Thailand can offer comprehensive information about the Thai employment contract, and also about the tax laws you need to consider when deciding to open a company in Thailand.

How to avoid contractual conflicts in Thailand

Contractual disputes might appear if one of the contracting parties did not respect the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement. The employment contract needs to be annually revised for each employee, in order to accurately display the job position in the company and if something has changed and need to be attached to an information to the work contract. This way, the employer is protected by further or possible breaches. Meanwhile, the employee needs to be aware of the disciplinary procedures in the company and to sign them as an additional act to the available work contract in Thailand. One should know that if you are a foreign citizen who wishes to work in Thailand, you must read and sign the work contract only if it’s provided also in the English language.

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