Permits and Licenses for Your Business in Thailand

Permits and Licenses for Your Business in Thailand image May 26, 2016

Depending on the industry in which the company activates, there are different types of permits and licenses required for your business in Thailand. Our Thailand lawyers can help you with legal assistance in this matter.

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Holding Company in Thailand

Holding Company in Thailand image May 12, 2016

A holding company is a company opened in Thailand which owns outstanding stocks of other businesses.

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Intellectual Property in Thailand

Intellectual Property in Thailand image April 22, 2016

Laws regarding intellectual property in Thailand refer to works from several domains, such as literature, art, media, industry and science. Their role is protect original works such as trademarks, marketing names, scientific discoveries and inventions of all types.

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Registering a Trademark in Thailand

Registering a Trademark in Thailand image April 21, 2016

Registering a trademark is a very important step in protecting the intellectual property belonging to a company or inventor, and there are essential benefits in doing so.

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How to Close a Company in Thailand

How to Close a Company in Thailand image April 14, 2016

Local or foreign entrepreneurs who have opened companies in Thailand and, due to various reasons, prefer or have to shut down the business, should comply with a specific process which will require the assistance of professionals, such as accountants and lawyers.

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Corporate Law in Thailand

Corporate Law in Thailand image March 22, 2016

Local and foreign investors who are interested in the business environment available in Thailand and who want to establish a company here should be familiar with the provisions of the Commercial law.

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Legal Assistance for Opening a Company in Thailand

Legal Assistance for Opening a Company in Thailand image March 7, 2016

Foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Thailand are advised to solicit the legal assistance of local lawyers, as they are professionals who know the commercial legislation applicable to all types of companies.

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Debt Collection in Thailand

Debt Collection in Thailand image March 2, 2016

Businesses in Thailand are established under a contract, that in some cases may not be respected by a party with which a company has signed a deal.

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Litigation Attorneys in Thailand

Litigation Attorneys in Thailand image February 9, 2016

The legal system in Thailand is based upon the civil law; the cases are decided on the evidence presented by the parties involved, as Thailand does not have a jury system.

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